Every blogger can not live without a laptop and internet. Blogger needs a laptop that is functional considering their line of work, because it is their asset and database of everything he is working on, so the choice becomes more specific.


As there are a wide variety of laptop, choosing one which is right for a blogger and one which fits for his creative work can be a daunting task. Whether you are a blogger, writer, or simply entrepreneur as in full time, you can not afford investing in wrong laptop.

The primary concern bloggers have while they go to buy a portable laptop is its battery life and a right weight. You also need to understand that the benefits of owing a best laptop brand, which gives right specs in right budget.

So choosing ideal laptop for your work requires a few considerations.

Here are 5 things bloggers should look for in a laptop.

1. OS (Operating System): The very first point is what OS you prefer for your working environment. Most of bloggers go with Windows and some prefer Mac or even Linux based OS, which is directly related with their kind of need. Windows and Mac both are quite solid platform for everyone. Before taking any decision just confirm once is all the application are compatible with respective OS or not.

2. Specs: Creative task requires a powerful machine with a better battery life, and no doubt that laptops are made especially for that. Still here are some recommendations like – choose SSD over HDD, intel i5 and i7 are quite powerful over i3, do not pick atom and celeron based laptops as they are low profile, always pick 13 inch laptops if you do not require any special graphics based requirements.

3. RAM (Memory): How much memory is too much for me? It is biggest question with lots of answers. But always go with 8 Gigs and more because these days even chrome uses more memory in general. 16 Gigs and above only required when you are seriously pro user.

4. Weight: Most new ultra books are powerful as well as less in weight. So go with latest techs as they much more in the similar price range laptops. If you travel a lot then ultra books are only option that gives you a whole day power upon full charge.

5. Battery Life: When it come to graphic applications, they can be processor intensive and use a lot of battery power. This is the reason why you need to invest in a laptop that offers the longest lasting battery life.


Summing up everything, selection of a nice laptop is required for anyone who is seriously into tech industry. Thus little bit of market research should be there.