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About Harrison Li

Blog Lectures was founded by Harrison Li in 2011; he’s a 14 year old teenager blogger who knows the in-depth principles behind blogging, do you?

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In this world we are in today, it’s chaotic, but that is the human nature. Some of us judge others by race, some by culture, some by appeareance, some by height and some by certificates. Which one of them are you? With no doubt, I have been looked upon with disrespect. There is always that flame in our heart that motivates us to take actions. We all have one. Offering blogging and marketing advice became my resolution.

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BlogLectures is the most promising blog I’ve ever gone. The first time I visited the blog, I couldn’t believe it that the blogger is just 14 year old. It’s more amazing knowing the fact that Harrison is from China and not a native English speaker just like me. Truly, Harrison has proved that if you are fervent enough, in the Internet everything is possible. – LS Geekster

The first thing which impressed me about Bloglectures was its nice and simple color scheme, and its marketing capability. It talks about quite fundamental things which we have forgotten in the fast pace blogging. Though they are quite effective… And I was blown away when I learned that this show is run by a fourteen years old youngster, & I learned when you are passionate about anything you are already qualified for the same. – Rohit Sharma

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