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Blog for Your Business

The Reasons You Should Launch a Blog for Your Business

Can a business still use a blog in a meaningful way, or have the new social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, superseded this tool? Several years ago, many companies abandoned their static, flat websites that lectured customers with facts that could have been straight out of their Annual Reports, and began including blogs. There they announced their most recent products and received customer input in return, and discovered that blogs were a valuable public relations tool.

Blog for Your Business

Dell computers have always been seen as the leader in the blogging community, is one of the initial companies to make such a change. Even though Dell had become a very successful organization, a barrier still remained between the company and its consumers, many of whom had frustrating complaints that were not being attended to. When Dell set up to receive blog comments, the turnaround in its relationship with customers was remarkable. General Motors, too, had a similar experience.

Blogs can even work in tandem with email newsletters. Businesses need to engage customers in several ways. If it’s updated regularly, the blog can provide fresh information that won’t vanish down the page quite so quickly, say, as the more ephemeral tweets on Twitter. Up-to-date business news can be posted in a friendly, casual fashion, allowing customers to ask questions or make suggestions. And their remarks won’t vanish down the page either.

Companies do need to be careful about raising customers’ expectations, however. While an almost one-on-one relationship might be feasible between a small business and its customers, bigger companies may not be able to respond to all queries or complaints, and this could ruin its good reputation if the company is not vigilant.

An additional use for a blog and one that companies might not even consider at first is for internal communication. Despite the fact that employees can keep in touch by means of email, meetings or conference calls, an internal blog can concentrate on one department or a single project, providing a central place for a group to receive daily updates or make an informal entry of their advancements. This will keep these employees up to date without their own email inbox piling up to an unmanageable level.

Even though blogs are now in a lot of ways less active, they still have a function in giving up-to-date business information and news to consumers and obtaining feedback from them. Belonging to the more tried and true internet establishment, they provide information in a more permanent form than other media, yet allow a business to remain in fruitful, friendly contact with its customers.

Why Should We Blog About Blogging Before We Actually Make Money Blogging?

To be honest, I have regretted making this decision of choosing the blogging industry as my first blogging niche, if I could start over again, it would probably be something more of my interests like personal development or psychology.

Seriously, there are way too many blogs about blogging than actually something worth reading, now I’m not saying there’s anything bad about choosing the blogging industry as your prime niche (topic).

But the fact is, 99% of the bloggers who blog about make money blogging never end up making money, it’s true.

Some give up partially, some change their niche and some even stop blogging.

It’s not that the blogging niche is a difficult topic to write on, or that it isn’t interesting enough, it’s just hard to get the results you want. (that could be anything like living in a mansion)

There are of course, downsides and upsides of blogging about blogging, this is what I’ve come up with:


  • There are many friendly fellow bloggers who are doing the same
  • Never get lost, just ask another blogger for help
  • You are smarter than bloggers who blog about something else
  • You have a nice and loyal fanbase of subscribers
  • You can pretty much write things that you don’t even have experience in like “ways to monetize a blog” or “how to make money online”


  • There is a huge crowd of competitors
  • You need to write extremely good unique content to stand out from the crowd
  • You need work yourself to death and be creative at writing
  • You will see very little results in the early stages
  • There are not a lot of choices of monetization sources
  • It’s useless in the real world, your friends and family won’t give a damn.
  • You feel the need to constantly update your blog or your subscribers will leave

And there’s much more on both sides, the list could go on for a quiet long amount of time, it’s just if you have to actually spend time thinking about it, it means those are not really important, these points are what came up to my mind immediately.

I know peole who have read this will be turned down and motivated to change their niche (if they were blogging about blogging), but that’s partly my purpose.

Well, to those whom are concerned, don’t join the blogging niche unless you have actually made a living online from blogging (3-8 bucks a month doesn’t count).

If we are writing about blogging, if it’s so good and profitable as we say it, why haven’t we made money yet?

The truth is, we publish a post today, and another the next time, you receive comments, you reply to them, check out your fellows’ latest posts and give them a comment. You share new ideas and conversations. Blah blah blah…Rinse and Repeat.

You will never end up getting the optimal results you want to achieve.

As time pass by, we still work on our 9-5 day job, we still go to school (for my case), we still make our real income from the real world.


To make money online you need a lot of time.

Many people will disagree with me but this is a question for your own good, it’s for yourself to answer: Should you really be blogging about blogging?

I don’t think so.

I don’t believe that is your only expertise in this world, we aren’t born with skills, we learn everything, go ahead and learn something that you have honest passion in or knowledge/ experience in and make that your blogging topic.

As for me, I have already decided to start writing in another niche, of course, that means I will have real experience that one can’t learn from reading others’ work. (don’t worry I still write for you guys my Blog Lectures fans)

The moral of the story is, it’s not a story, you need to literally think about what you are doing, are you sure blogging is going to be your blog niche? If so, I can’t stop you.

There’s always time if you want to change your mind, go ahead and start another blog, don’t abandon your existing one if you have one, just keep blogging.

What do you think? Should you really be blogging about blogging? Or will you? Were you?

The Universal Reason Why You Fail At Accomplishing Anything

Want to have a successful blog? achieve a full time income home based online? grow a huge audience? increase brand awareness and popularity? Whatever you are trying to achieve, if you fail, I know the reason why.

I know exactly why you fail.

In fact, whenever you fail at something you want to achieve, I have a universal reason why that happens.

Remember this, it’s always and for the same reason why fail you at something whether it is in the form of physical, mental, online or offline, anywhere.

It’s called not knowing your path.

That might not reveal the exact answer, here are some more similar definitions so you might understand.

  • Researching the procedures to finish
  • Understanding the way to your goal
  • Knowing the steps to success

Here’s a better one: Knowing exactly why and what to do to achieve your goal.

The concept is simple, all you need to do is understand the structure of your objective.

We’ve been knowing this concept ever since we were born.

What do you need to do in order to play with your toys? Move towards your big-o-box and grab the trains and planes out.

What actions do you need to perform in order to watch your favorite TV show? Switch on the TV by pressing the power button.

What’s in common?

Knowing the cause of success.

When it comes to blogging, it’s the same, you need to know what to do in order to achieve that goal, that aim.

If you don’t know the procedures, you will panic, frustrate, scratch your head, and have absolutely no idea what to do.

You need to know what to do next.

Solution? Research and study.

Ever heard of something begin with “Researches and studies have found that blah blah blah“? Heh, do you understand it now?

No, I’m not suggesting you should begin all your introductions like that. All I’m saying is if you don’t understand the procedures that complete your goals, you need to research and study.

Of course, nothing is fail proof.

There are times you won’t accomplish your goal even though you have researched and studied the procedures for as long as 24 hours. How do you solve that?

Research why it failed.

Once you understand everything behind the scenes, success will naturally run to you.

I believe examples are the best in explaining things:

Say your goal was to get more traffic to your blog, then find out how to get traffic, the answer is promotion, and blog promotion means guest posting, that’s your answer.

Into the second tier, so you have traffic, you will need to set another goal, say, to turn first time visitors into loyal readers, then find out what makes them stay, the answer could be to display a mailing list sign-up box and capture email addresses.

Into the third tier, you have to be specific, don’t set generic goals like “to make money online”. Now you know what makes the traffic come back, a new goal is how to ensure the highest percentages of visitors will give you their email? The solution could be to offer a freebie (also called magnet or bribe).

And the list goes on until it resolves all your concerns and has helped you achieve your main generic goal. Yes, I said generic, the main goal is generic because the more tiers your procedures develop, the more specific each one get.

Summing it up

Every time if you want to achieve something, or make something happen, you need to set goals, and to successfully complete those goals, you need to research and study the procedures that accomplish those goals, remember, be specific with each further tier, not generic.

Note this concept applies not only to blogging but to anything throughout your life.

Once you understand something as clear as crystal, success is yours.

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