Whilst blog commenting still plays a well-know role in generating traffic for blogs, but you may not know how to achieve the highest or should I say maximum capabilities of the results from one single comment.

Most people say commenting on other blogs to get traffic is a waste of time, it surely won’t give you a huge traffic spike but you are still determined to receive at least a few couple of new unique visitors.

Blog Commenting

There are some tricks you could use to increase that “few couple of” visitors into “many more” loyal readers or subscribers, whatever you want to convert them into.

1. Never hyperlink your texts

If you decide to hyperlink a word or sentence from you comment body, then your comment is doomed to be sent to the spam inbox, heck, if you hyperlink a keyword like making money online, you’re probably going to get IP banned.

2. Be unique, leave new fashioned comments

There are heaps of times you have probably seen a comment “nice post”, “great post”, or “nice tips” and then nothing. These openings are again doomed to be sent to the spam box.

Instead, you could try something new, turn your words around like;

  • “that’s a great piece of work”
  • “nice bits of information there”
  • “pretty cool stuff mate”

3. Your name isn’t “make money online”

It is true that people could get better benefits from linking their own website with the relevant keywords, search engines are likely to index these little things, so will the spam comment detection.

Use your real name, or you could doing something like John @ Cars Online, John From Cars Online, either way, it’s not like completely bad or good but worth the work.

4. Comment on all blogs

Just because that blog is Page Rank 1, noFollow or you’re unluckily the last one to comment on that <102 comments> post, it doesn’t mean you should start looking for another post. If you find a post useful or you feel the need to comment on it, do it.

5. Comment naturally

It’s something that most people don’t do, they purposely write the perfect comment and so makes it sound so nice specifically dedicated to the post, long and quality.

Whilst a valuable comment is nice, but when it is too long or unnatural, ugh, why don’t you turn it into a post instead?

6. Use HTML formatting

Most popular commenting systems on the web right now allows custom HTML formatting, this causes your comments to stand out from the crowd, here are some commonly used tags:

1.  <strong>Makes a sentence bold</strong>
2.  <em>Makes a sentence italic</em>
3.  <blockquote>Add a quote</blockquote>

4.  <ul>

<li>Make a list – point 1</li>

<li>Make a list – point 2</li>

<li>Make a list – point 3</li>



7. Directly reply to another comment

When a post gets more than five or six comments, no one is really going to scroll down and read them all, what you can now is to reply directly to the first, second or so comment, meaning your words will be in exposure to all the readers who sees the first comment.

Make sure you have literally got something to say when you reply directly to someone else’s comment, not just random stuff.

8. Comment in your usual voice

If one day, you post a relatively long and useful comment, but the next day you post something of low quality and short, it’s not going to do it, you have to comment with your own voice, this is something similar to personal branding, some things you could do;

  • Have a similar opening every time like “Hey Bill” (get personal)
  • Leave a regards, sincerely or cheers ending line and then your name
  • Mention the author in your comment (how great he is…etc)

9. Get a Gravatar profile

This is my profile (I know my picture looks really bad), go to their homepage and sign up for an account now, the sooner the better.

Gravatar is a universal system that shows the corresponding profile picture (avatar) to its email address, for example, if you leave a comment on a site with your Gravatar registered email address, on the blog instead of the default picture it will show your custom profile image instead.

This system is beneficial in terms of personal branding and image recognition as well as being personal if you upload yourself. I think Gravatar only works on WordPress blogs, I don’t know, but more than 85% of the successful bloggers out there use WordPress, so yeah…

10. Try and not to be negative towards a post

Authors obviously want conversations and discussions going on in the comments of their post, if your comment is a little big negative it is reasonable, it is not always bad to be against the author’s point of view.

Just don’t be completely against the author’s point of view, offensive and rude or attack the author.

11. Link to a post not the homepage

It is a common and obvious thing that we would insert the homepage link to our blog in the URL field, but imagine you left a link to a post instead? Let’s take a look at the advantages:

  • A new visitor will get to read a post straight away as soon as they land on your blog
  • If a person clicks your link after a long time, your old post still gets read
  • If commentluv is enabled, make sure you use it and show your recent post (same reason)

12. Not reading the post

This is a quiet obvious reason, when an author reads your comment he/she can tell whether you have actually read their post or you just randomly mumbled a few sentences to it.

Here’s a tip what you can when you don’t really want to read that article, scan the content for the key points and choose few of them and write your point of view about it, good or bad, why, how…etc If it ends up being 2-3 sentences long, you’re on the right track.

Additonally you should check out what spam words that Akismet classify as is, realistically if you are a honest natural commentator, you will never have to worry about these spam words, these are just for your information.



Have you got any extra tips that you want to add to the list?